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 Jared and I

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PostSubject: Jared and I   Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:34 pm

There were always times
Where I thought we'd be two,
But as my little saying goes,
'I was too late and too soon'.

When we look back on our lives
We will always remember
That there once was a time
When we wanted to be together.

Here's what we were
In my thoughts and my dreams,
And, of course, all the while,
My smiles were bursting at the seams.

You were my heart and
I was your body.
When you would produce the tears,
I would say that I was sorry.

You were my brain and
I was your head.
I would drive you insane
Like the combo of flesh and lead.

You were my ocean and
I was your fish.
When you'd finally met me,
You had fulfilled your wish.

You were my body and
I was your heart.
Of course, to me,
This was the very best part.

When I look back on my life
I will always remember
That there once was a time
Where we were actually together.

When you look back on your life
There will always be tears.
Tears of not sorrow
But from overcoming these fears.

Fears of my suicide and
Fears of the end,
But, of course, there was never
That possiblity to be lent.

I will never forget
How our friendship grew,
For the history we hold
Is one we always knew.

There will be tears
Of not sorrow but joy
That our friendship grew up
Like a man from a boy.

Our souls will be connected
As long as life itself
Because you promised to me
That you wouldn't be taken by death.

I am your sister,
You are my brother.
We are siblings united
Together and forever.

Be safe in the USAF, Jared. I and many others will miss you, and this poem was only an establishment of our friendship and how it grew up so fast. I love you like a sister, and as if you were my brother, and I mean that.

Be safe, Commander.
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Jared and I
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