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 In the Name of God

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PostSubject: In the Name of God   Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:04 pm

Whatever happened
to the love we shared?
I spent the whole time
thinking you cared.

I know now that
after all this time,
all I've been talking
to is a lie.

You're a figment of my mind
and real is what you'll never be.
I should've known that
from the very beginning.

According to you,
our ends will never meet.
That is why
you did retreat.

In the name of God
is why I loved you.
But through your eyes
it must not have been true.

Where was my mind
while I loved you so?
does it matter, though?

Why did I listen
to your voice in my head?
All it did was make my
heart beat dead.

I don't know why
I thought it would go through.
My plans to be together with you.

I don't know why
I tried to make it go through.
I don't know why,
but neither do you.

Whatever I did,
it must have been bad,
because in the end,
all it did was make me sad.

It all ended
in the cold winter days.
Now my mind
is nothing but a maze.

I have something to ask,
so let me, please.
I hope you don't mind,
but whatever happened to you and me?

I know now that
you cared nothing for me.
I know now that
is was never meant to be.

My wings are broken
from the sadness I feel.
If it hurts this bad
then it must be real.

All the sorrow, all the pain.
Why must I always
look out and see rain?

All the bruises and
all the blood.
All the pain just
comes in a flood.

I don't know
how you feel about this.
Maybe it's pain or
maybe it's bliss.

Your brown eyes
stand for smiles,
but mine won't
for miles and miles.

After shots of pain and
words of glass,
it shocked me when you said
"kiss my ass.".

After I cried and
you said that,
it felt as if I had been
beaten with a bat.

I wish I could take
back what I said,
because, now, on the inside
I feel so dead.

All the hearts and
all the crosses
have turned to fire and
so many losses.

I wish, one day,
I could apologize,
but the pain will never
decrease in size.

All the stars and stripes and,
itself, the flag,
are now being used
as my very own gag.

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In the Name of God
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