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 Additions and Removals

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PostSubject: Additions and Removals   Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:14 pm

There have been some additions to the forum, which one was taken down the same day it was added, and that was the Chatbox. It was slowing down my laptop's loading process on the forum, so I had to take it down for my benefit. Sad. But! We have added a Regular Roleplaying section for those who want to roleplay without the sex added, but I have changed the name of the original Roleplaying topic to Sex Roleplaying, that way we won't get confused ^^.

And there's many more additions, as well as a new member who goes by Sasuke! Please be sure to greet him as you see fit and be nice to every new member that comes along ^^.

Thanks, Casey.
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Additions and Removals
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