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 Reply if you think you can beat me :|

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PostSubject: Reply if you think you can beat me :|   Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:56 pm

*A single man walks through a grassy field, wearing a white Ukata tied at the waist by a thick light purple rope which waves a even lighter purple cloth that covers the top of his light dark blue pants. With a gentle stride, Sasuke starts walking towards a nearby tree. He turns his back and leans onto it. crossing his arms, closing his eyes, and leaning his head down gently; showing an indifferent expression on his face. Within his mind ran various thoughts. Mostly that of his past; and old friends, Naruto, Sakura and their times together. Although, these thoughts didn't change his expression one bit. He personally did not care for anyone since his whole clan was killed. Immediately, upon that thought, a slight cringe came upon his lips as he thought of his brother, Itachi. The one who caused all of his personal torment and his desire to kill him. Sasuke slams his fist against the tree, shaking it and making some of the leaves fall to the ground while he continued to think, snapping his eyes open he reveals his his sharingan, three tomoes placed in a triangular formation, but not connected. "I will kill him," were the only words to leave Sasuke's lips as he stared at the ground, his fist trembling against the tree. He then calms down, placing his right hand on the hilt of his guardless katana, closing his eyes once more with his back facing diagnoally from the tree itself. He then slowly begins walking again away from the tree as he had left somewhat of a dent in the bark. With a simple smirk and a quick draw of his hand, Sasuke drew his blade and held it in a reverse hold position smirking and opening his eyes feeling the presense of someone else within the area.*[ Sasuke Uchiha, The Avenger ]
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Reply if you think you can beat me :|
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